I love chewing gum but I also know that it can be bad for you. Most gums contain Aspartame which has been proven to be very bad for your health. Many of the gums also have sugar and I try to stay away from sugar whenever I can. For this reason I had decided to not chew gum anymore, at least until I found Zapp! Gum.

Zapp Gum It's just too difficult to try to figure out which gums don't have this and don't have that. It was easier to just cut out the gum chewing than it was to try to figure out the ingredients in each type of gum I would conciser buying.

Then I heard all about Zapp! Gum. A very health conscious friend of mine had told me about it one day. She had said that it was the only gum that she would now chew, and she used to chew gum all the time. I remember when we would go out together, it seemed like she always had a piece of gum in her mouth. She had told me that Zapp! Gum contained absolutely no sugar, it also had no aspartame, and she said that it was recommended to her by her dentist. The dentist had told her that it also helped to fight cavities.

I purchased some Zapp! Gum for myself shortly after she had recommended it to me and I was pleased with the taste. I have been chewing it every since and since I have started chewing it I have found that my breath is much fresher than it had been before. It seems that chewing Zapp! Gum has helped me to be able to once again pick up my gum chewing habit guilt free and has also helped me with having fresh breath. I always make sure that I have a pack of it with me now.

Try it out, buy some Zapp! Gum and get fresh breath without all the sugar.

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