wu-yi teaWu-Yi tea is suppose to be an ancient Chinese secret tea that contains no carbohydrates. Wu-Yi is a zero calorie tea that is known to elevate moods and increase energy levels. The Wu-Yi Source got a lot of publicity recently on MTV because of celebrity personal trainer Jason Walson has been recommending that Jessica Biel and Ben Affleck drink Wu-Yi tea.

Wu-Yi Tea in the News

I decided to try Wu-Yi for myself simply because I am sick of being overweight and I'm at the point where I am willing to try anything because I am afraid of getting fatter. Maybe that was too much information but I have always been skeptical about diet supplements and a weight loss tea just seemed to good to be true.

Oolong is one of the main ingredients in Wu-Yi Source Tea and has been a traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. Recent scientific studies show that oolong supports the oxidation of fat cells which can speed-up weight-loss dramatically.

The tea is pretty amazing because:

  • Wu-Yi has zero calories
  • Wu-Yi has zero carbs
  • Wu-Yi increases energy
  • Wu-Yi tatses great

The taste and smell of this tea together with the morning dusk have become a ritual of mine now that I enjoy tremendously. I love cuddling up with my cat and watch the news together before my kids wake up. Wu-Yi gives me that extra energy I need in the morning to wake the kids, feed them breakfast and seeing the kids off to school.

Maybe it is from all the acai berry I have been taking but I have to admit that I feel so great this year. I am more optimistic than ever about losing weight because I AM LOSING WEIGHT and it feels great to go shopping for smaller sizes because my clothes are too big now. I am literally shrinking in my clothes.

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