TweezeDo you remove unwanted facial hair with tweezers? Then you know that it is not always the most efficient way. The hair has to be pulled out with tweezers as close to the root as possible to pull it all out but sometimes, the hair breaks and leaves an unsightly stubble. Other times, if the hair is around the lips, there can be so many that need pulling out. It takes time to pull the hairs one by one and the process can be painful. Now you have Tweeze which removes unwanted hair all the way to the roots with precision and more effectively.

The secret of Tweeze is its elliptical technology that attracts hair regardless of direction it's growing. Tweeze firmly grasps the hair it detects and pulls it from the roots. With many tweezers, hair grows back in a couple of days and you need to wait for it to grow out a bit before the tweezers can grasp them. With Tweeze, you can go for as long as six weeks without the hair ever growing back. Standard tweezers are painful and pulling hair out this way can cause scratches and irritation on the surrounding area. Tweeze is painless and removes hair from a wider area of skin as it passes over. You can use Tweeze on the chin, bikini area, face and underarms. Just don't use it on your eyebrows. Small and fine hairs can be removed by Tweeze. No need to wait for these to grow longer and coarser so the tweezers can grasp them. Tweeze runs on two AAA batteries. It's so small, it fits inside any purse you have so you can use it anywhere, any time.

Get rid of those unwanted hair the fast, easy and painless way with Tweeze. Once you've tried it you won't want to go back to regular tweezers.

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