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Featured on Tyra, the best-seller of this brand is TriLASTIN Intensive Stretch Mark Complex. It fades away stretch marks until they are gone. In as little as 3 weeks, a dramatic difference will be noticed. TriLASTIN Intensive Stretch Mark Complex is help remove deep furrows as well as the red or silvery discoloration of old and new stretch marks. Good for light or dark skin, by simply applying this cream, you can erase those ugly stretch marks.

For faster results and to answer the need of more intensive skin care, there are TriLASTIN kits that include specialized products will even contour the body by firming up the skin, add in a hydro-thermal action for quick absorption of skin vitamins, and induce the production of collagen to generate new skin tissue. One of the kits, the TriLASTIN Body Contour System, gets rid of stretch marks and cellulite at the same time.

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