Touch-N-Brush-Tooth-Paste-DispenserI have kids in my house and I try very hard to keep my home clean. While most of my house remains clean for the most part, we have our problem areas. One of the areas that I can't seem to keep clean is our bathroom. Most of the problem comes from the toothpaste. It doesn't matter how much I get on my kids, they leave the lid off of the toothpaste until it finally becomes lost and they always get toothpaste all over the counter and the sink. I have them go in and clean it constantly, you would think that would cause them to be more careful, but it doesn't.

When I saw the Touch N Brush Toothpaste Dispenser I knew that I had to get it, this product seemed like exactly what we needed in our home. I bought it and I attached in the bathroom. Once I put the toothpaste in it I called the whole family into the bathroom and I explained to them that all they had to do was touch their toothbrushes to the Touch N Brush Toothpaste Dispenser and the toothpaste would come out onto their toothbrushes. I took all of the other toothpaste out of the bathroom so that they would have no choice but to remember to use it to get their toothpaste.touch-n-brush

Since we have all been using the Touch N Brush Toothpaste Dispenser our bathroom is finally staying clean there are no more problems with toothpaste all over the sink and the counter. I don't have to worry about lost lids and open toothpaste tubes. I am glad that I purchased the Touch N Brush Toothpaste Dispenser for my home. I think that everyone should have one in their bathroom, it makes it easy to get your toothpaste onto your toothbrush and it keeps your bathroom much cleaner.

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