Thin n SexyWant to lose inches in those unwanted places in just minutes? If it took several trips to the spa or countless body wrap sessions before, this time you can take the spa to your home and shed those inches before you step out for your appointment. The Thin n Sexy spa wrap is a do-it-yourself regimen that you can do at home and in just 60 minutes, you can see the reduction in your thighs, tummy, legs, arms and just about anywhere that you can wrap.

Your order of Thin n Sexy comes with two 4-oz bottles of sculpting cream, one 200-foot body sculpting wrap, one Measurement Progress Chart and an instruction booklet. The Sculpting Cream, made of herbal ingredients, is applied sparingly on the parts of the body you want reduced. It penetrates the pores, tightening and toning the skin in the process. To help reduce inches, a plastic body wrap is tightly but comfortably wrapped around the areas with cream. It is usually best just to sit back for about 45 to 60 minutes and wait for the spa wrap to do its job. Working out with the plastic wrap on is not advisable as this will make you sweat a lot and could wash out the cream. After the waiting period, you will notice a temporary loss of inches in the areas where cream is applied. This is great for those special moments when you want to look your best and step out looking all sexy and trim. You'll be amazed at how fast you lose those inches. Measure your target areas before and after applying the cream and notice the difference! Using Thin n Sexy reduces your inches and it stays that way for as long as seven days.

Thin n Sexy is not a weight loss solution and its effects are temporary so you need to do the regimen at least once a week to keep the inches off. Nursing or pregnant mothers are not advised to use Thin n Sexy but almost all other adults can. In addition, the extent of inch reduction is also dependent on one's skin elasticity so some may lose more inches than others.

Look great on your dates or appointments even if you have no time to work out the inches. Thin n Sexy will make you slimmer for just those occasions.

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