Teavalize was handed out at the Emmy's this year and Teavalize was also featured in the December issue of Vogue magazine. There is a good reason why Teavalize is taking Hollywood by storm...

The number one reason why I like Teavalize is because it get's rid of that bloating feeling after I eat. Feeling fat after I eat only makes me depressed, now bottom belly doesn't look puffy and bloated because Teavalize increases your metabolism, and eliminates 22% of your daily calorie intake.

Teavalize is truly a revolutionary and more than just another health and weight loss supplement.

Not many diets last long with me because I just hated feeling starved on new diets.

Teavalize does not give me a starving feeling because I am still able to eat the foods I like when I like, my energy levels are high and I feel clarity and free from the stress I can get from other diets. This is because I feel confident with Teavalize diet and have even lost a couple pounds that I gained over my Holiday vacation.

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