StepnSoak FeetIn the middle of a busy day, your feet could hurt and when that happens, the rest of your day is likely to be so much less productive. Sometimes, you just wish you could go and have a foot massage but the time may not be right or there is no spa nearby. Now, without having to bring along those bulky foot baths or pay for expensive spa treatments, you can have an instant foot spa wherever you are with StepnSoak Feet. With it you immediately experience relief for tired, sore or swollen feet so that you can be very productive the rest of the day.

Once you try the StepnSoak Feet you will always want to carry some of these bags around with you. The StepnSoak Feet has durable plastic bags for each of your feet. Just by dipping your feet into a water solution mixed with any or all of these essential oils (lavender, peppermint, or tea tree), your feet will feel cool and relaxed, and soon enough your energy will be back. Any of these three essential oils can help you relax by removing the discomfort felt not only by your feet, but also by your whole body. Or if you have a foot sprain or pregnant and simply rest to put your swollen feet, add some ice or treatment solution to the bag boot and immediately feel relief. The StepnSoak Feet plastic bags are made from durable IV bag vinyl which prevents any leakage, puncturing, or splitting. The plastic boot has ties so you can secure it at the top to prevent it from slipping off your leg. These factors assure you that this unique method of foot therapy is very useful, helpful and economical.

StepnSoak Feet is so easy and safe to use. It is a great yet simple way to relax leg muscles and nerves, relieve your foot soreness or tension, and soften your skin. When your feet are tired and sore, the discomfort you feel also affects the rest of the body, and your whole day is ruined. Taking a short moment to give your feet a fast, refreshing soak can keep you energized and on-the-go all the time.

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