Spin-LashI have always had a problem with short and thin eye lashes. I can't leave my home without putting on mascara, if I do then I feel very self conscious. I have always been a little jealous of those women that have thick and long eye lashes. I tried to use fake lashes before, but they are very difficult to apply and they end up looking like they are fake which defeats the whole purpose of using them to begin with. Even though I wear mascara every day, it doesn't mean that I like it. I can't stand how the mascara always lumps and makes my eye lashes stick together. Not only does it not look very attractive, but it is also irritating.

One day I purchased a product called the Spin Lash and I thought I would give it a try and see if it worked. The Spin Lash is designed to rotate the brush as you apply the mascara to your eye lashes. When the Spin Lash rotates it will cause the mascara to go on your lashes as it forces your eye lashes apart, this will stop them from getting stuck together and clumping. The results are long looking eye lashes that have the mascara evenly applied.

I love the way my eye lashes look now that I use Spin Lash. The difference is amazing and I can't believe that it is all due to the mascara application brush spinning. I can now make my eye lashes look long and thick without it being obvious that I am wearing mascara. I am glad that I have finally found a product that will help me to achieve the eye lashes that I have always wanted to have. I highly recommend the Spin Lash for any woman out there that wants to have beautiful looking eye lashes.

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