Tired of plucking unwanted hair one by one, shaving or waxing them, which is a painful process? Sure, there are laser removal treatments but not everyone can afford these expensive methods. In many parts of Asia and the Middle East, they have been using a hair removal method called hair threading which is fairly painless. The Slique Hair Threading System is a device that makes use of this method for pain-free, safe and effective hair removal.

The Slique Hair Threading System involves looping two threads at just the right angle so it is able to capture stray hair, grab it, and pluck it from the roots. With waxing, some of the upper layers of the skin come off when you rip off the cloth with the wax. With threading, hairs are removed from the follicle, minimizing skin irritation. Many salons now offer hair threading. The Slique Hair Threading System is a home threading system so you need not pay or go to a salon just to have the same thing done to you.  Wherever you are, even when you are traveling, you can bring the Slique Hair Threading System with you because it is so portable. It can be operated like a pair of scissors as you slide it across the area where you want hair removed. The results look like they were done at a professional salon. Entire straight lines of hair are removed with one or two passes. Slique Hair Threading System works with all types of hair (fine or coarse) and removes them anywhere on your body -- upper lip, forehead, chin, fingers, toes, arms, legs and even on sideburns. To avoid possible irritation, it’s always good to wash and purify the areas where you plan to use Slique Hair Threading System.

With your order of Slique Hair Threading System comes 10 epilation threads, a mirrored carrying case, a DVD and instruction manual plus free samples of Slique’s Epilation Skin Care Collection.

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