Skinbright-Skin-CreamOur face is one of the first things noticed by someone we meet. Unfortunately, the longer we are exposed to the sun or as we grow older, the effects of the ravaging sunlight or aging also shows first in the face. One of the things we notice is discoloration in some areas of the face. Skin discolorations such as melasma, age spots, hyperpigmentation and the like become obvious and often become a source of embarrassment to us. While there are many lightening products out in the market to address these facial concerns, there is one that stands out and is worth trying. This is SkinBright.

SkinBrightSkinBright's formulation uses two of nature's strongest whiteners. First is Alpha-Arbutin, a potent but gentle lightening agent taken from the Bearberry tree. The benefits of hydroquinone are in Alpha-Arbutin minus any strong odor, toxicity and potential side effects. The second is kojic acid, a lightening agent derived from sake, a Japanese rice wine. In 1989, kojic acid was found to be an effective lightening agent that could be safely and effectively used on any kind of skin discoloration or pigmentation. It has been found good on all skin types, including Asian, Black and sensitive skin. While some skin lighteners feature one or the other ingredient, SkinBright has both! And results are safe, effective and guaranteed by its makers.

When you use SkinBright, you can confidently apply just the barest of makeup instead of heaping foundation and concealers on top of your skin. The results will surprise even you. SkinBright even comes with a 30-day guarantee so that if you are not satisfied within that period, you can return the bottle to them for a refund.

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