Every acne problem is different because our skin conditions are different. So why buy a generic anti-acne product that may not work for your specific skin type? Go with Skin ID, a customized acne treatment made just for your skin type. By answering some specific questions, you will get a custom-made acne treatment regime that will work for your type of acne.

Having acne is one of the worse possible skin problems in one’s youth. It can get really unsightly and affect one’s self esteem. It doesn’t matter that most everyone else of your friends may also have skin problems that are part of being young. But when acne strikes you, it does not just affect your face. It hits right at the heart of your confidence and self worth.

There are so many anti-acne products in the market. All of these promise results. If you happen to hit on the right one, good for you. But many times, these skin products are long on promises but short on results. And you find yourself trying product after product with frustrating results. Why spend unnecessarily on a trial and error skincare strategy when you can have one tailored just for you?

That is what Neutrogena Dermatologics aimed to do when they came up with Skin ID. The people behind Neutrogena Dermatologics put together a team of skin experts composed of leading dermatologists, scientists and market research experts. Together, they designed an intelligent Skin ID skin evaluation questionnaire. Each question is specifically designed to pinpoint your unique skin type, acne type and lifestyle. The answers you provide will then become the basis for designing a very personalized Skin ID skincare regimen just for your skin needs.

You will be asked questions such as where you live, time you spend in the sun, how active your lifestyle is, the kind of stress you normally experience, and other such questions. Based on all the answers, a combination of products will be designed for you. You can then order your Skin ID regimen with a convenient auto-refill feature. When you are under the Skin ID regimen, you also get free premium access to real dermatologist support. The success stories of people who have tried their very own Skin ID regimen are proof of its effectivity over generic anti-acne products.

Start your skincare regimen with Skin ID and see your face clear up in no time at all. Do not wait for acne to leave permanent marks on your face. Begin treating it now and see the new you in no time at all.