ShaveMateThere are shavers. And there are shavers. Here now is a shaver that also doubles up as a receptacle for shaving cream and more than that, has three times the number of blades found in double-bladed shavers. That is right. ShaveMate comes not just with 2 or 4 blades. It has 6 blades in one shaver to give you just that perfect shave you have been looking for with each and every shave, every time.

ShaveMate is an innovative invention for both men and women. ShaveMate for Men is called Titan6 in gray and for Women it’s called Diva6 in pink. Both shaving tools have special features like having real shaving cream hidden inside the handle. With the cream built in, do away with having to buy separate canisters of shaving cream to bring on travels. ShaveMate also comes with a Non-Slip Grip Handle; 6 premium-coated inline blades for Titan6 and ultra-slim 6-blade cartridge for Diva6, with a Moisture Glide Strip above the blades of both razors for extra comfort; Flex-Neck Technology to follow the contour of your body; Aqua-Flow Blade Rinse which keeps the blades moisture clean after every rinse; and an On/Off Valve Button for easy use. The power of having 6 blades in one shaver ensures that as you pass the shaver over an area, it neatly and smoothly shaves off hair without leaving traces. It is so safe to use even to remove hair on underarms and bikini lines.

Enjoy many great shaves with ShaveMate. It’s your most efficient, friendly-user tool to use at home, at your workplace, on travels, or wherever you might need a smooth and beautiful skin. It is really the only thing you need to throw into your bag or suitcase when you are on the go.

Get your ShaveMate HERE.