Why settle for those single-bladed disposable razors when you go off on a business trip, vacation, gym or want to use them at home or in the office? You get not just one but 6 premium coated inline blades in one razor with ShaveMate. It comes in 2 variants: Titan for men, Diva for women. But both give you the closest shave you’ll ever get with razors. Here’s the big difference too. All ShaveMate razors come with their own shaving cream.

There are disposable razors and there are disposable razors. But they are not all made the same. ShaveMate has outclassed the rest of the disposable razors in the market by putting six in-line blades in one razor. Run ShaveMate through your skin and you can be sure it gives you the closest shave you’d ever get. And why not, when you get 6 blades running over the unwanted hair in one swipe!

ShaveMate was designed with some features you’d love:

  • The Flex-Neck Technology – its flexible neck adjusts for smoother strokes wherever you use it
  • The Aqua Flow Blade Rinse – the blades are aligned in such a way that running water over the blades wash away hair and cream completely
  • The Moisture Glide Strip – gives extra comfort while shaving
  • Real shaving cream in the handle – there’s enough compressed shaving cream in each ShaveMate handle to last you about a week’s worth of shaving. This does away with having to carry an extra can of shaving cream (a big plus for me who really hates having to pack a full can of shaving cream if I’m only going to be out on a week’s trip).

The on/off valve button on the handle ensures that you don’t get messy spillages onto your purse or luggage. A nonslip grip handle also makes sure you get a good grip on the ShaveMate so you don’t accidentally nick your skin.

The whole family will love ShaveMate. It is the portable and disposable razor that has everything I need all the time for a smooth, close shave.