Sejaa - Pure SkincareGisele Bundchen's face is known worldwide. She is not simply a beautiful face and famous model. She is a known environmental activist who has gone on green trips to the Amazon, protested against pesticides, and supported products which are environmentally friendly. Driven by a strong desire to develop skin care products that are pure and natural, she developed, designed and uses Sejaa - Pure Skincare, a revolutionary skincare product. Now, you also can have skin as glowing, beautiful and youthful as Gisele Bundchen's with Sejaa - Pure Skincare.

Sejaa - Pure Skincare is made up of three products, which combine to take care of your skin and the environment: the Sejaa Day Cream, the Sejaa Night Cream, and the Sejaa Mud Mask. The day cream works by keeping your skin moisturized and protects it from premature aging. This is an excellent protection when you're outdoors because it shields your skin from damage due to free radicals and sun exposure. The night cream is meant to work while you sleep. It enhances your skin's ability to continue producing collagen and repairs skin while you are at rest. The more collagen your skin has, the less wrinkles you have and the more youthful and glowing your skin will look. Lastly, the mud mask detoxifies your skin to give it that youthful touch. It is made of natural clays that draw out the toxins in your skin and yet retaining its natural moisture.

Everything in Sejaa is free of any parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic or genetically modified ingredients. Instead of synthetic preservatives, inside each jar is a proprietary blend of natural antioxidant compounds. Whole plant ingredients are used, not modified versions of them. Only premium cosmetic-grade emulsifiers are used. These have been clinically tested, dermatologist tested, allergy tested and contain no irritating substances. Further, no animals were used in the tests. Everything in the production process has been ensured by Gisele Bundchen to be environment- and animal-friendly. With such thoughtful processes put into it, combined with very safe ingredients, no wonder that Gisele is confident enough to put Sejaa - Pure Skincare on her skin. And if her skin remains absolutely beautiful, it can take care of your skin the same way.

Your order comes with two bonus gifts as well: an embroidered bamboo fiber towel and a bamboo mud mask applicator. Have Sejaa - Pure Skincare take care of your skin the natural and beautiful way it maintains Gisele Bundchen's. By doing so, you also become one of those who shift away from products that are harsh on the skin and to the environment.

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