Secret Glo is your secret tanning method to get that bronzed glow! It will last long and works fast! Without a tanning bed, without the sun, without using messy sprays, or spending a lot - you can become totally tanned! Here's the Secret Glo review that has a freebie for you!

Want to get the bronzed look without any effort? Men and women will love the instant tan that they can get from using Secret Glo. It's made with a special formulation that will be applied by with the Secret Glo glove. Wipe your body to get the tanned look and you're done.

Take a look at the Secret Glo reviews video to see how easy it is to apply it!

Unlike other products that make you look tanned for just a while, Secret Glo will last for up to 10 days! That means that no one will notice that you don't have a real tan. Other products wash off but Secret Glo doesn't. So, if you tell everyone that you had gone to the beach, Secret Glo will let you stick to your story. If you use a tanning spray, you would have to spray it on every day because you can't go out with a tan today and have none tomorrow!

No creams or sprays to deal with. The Secret Glo glove is pre-measured with the tanning formulation. No fuss, no hassle, unlike other tanning products. Just place on the glove and wipe it on your body. If you are ready for your Secret Glo tan, you will be glad to discover one more great thing about this tanning product!

The Secret Glo brings out your natural tanned color! That's awesome! No need to match the color spray or cream to your skin. You won't look weird as help you prevent a major mishap of using the wrong color of the other tanning products! The Secret Glo is the way to get the tanned look flawlessly.

Now, here's the free stuff from this Secret Glo review. For every order which gives you 4 of these tanning gloves, you get 4 more! This means you have a supply that will allow you to looked tanned for 80 days! That might be the summer look that you want and it can be yours for nearly 3 months. Grab this promo while it is still here as it might disappear soon!