Save-A-BladeCan you remember how many dull razor blades or disposable razors you have thrown away since you began shaving? Probably not. Are you tired of those nasty nicks you get with dull razor blades? You probably are. Well, there is now a way to save both on money you regularly have to spend buying razors or razor blades and avoiding those accidental cuts you get. There is a device that sharpens razors , gives you up to 200 shaves on a single blade, and spares you from nicks and cuts by giving you a close, smooth and comfortable shave everytime. This is the  Save-A-Blade.

The secret behind Save-A-Blade is a micro-honing technology that uses a precision Silicone Carbide member which rotates 60 times per second. That speed hones any razor very quickly. In fact, Save-A-Blade will work on all types of razors including multi-blade cartridges and disposable razors.  It runs on a single AA battery too. All you need to do when the blades start to become dull is to place the razor inside the Save-A-Blade and it sharpens it very fast and extremely well. Now instead of buying a lot of money on new blades he can just use Save-A-Blade and it you will feel like you always have brand new razors. This can mean a lot of savings for you.

If you think you are spending way too much money on blades and you are sick of getting cut when your blades begin to get dull, Save-A-Blade is just the thing for you. You won't have a dull moment any longer. Each shave will feel like you just opened a brand new razor. You will be amazed at the technology behind Save-A-Blade and wonder why you did not buy this a lot earlier.

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