Have great nails all the time. We don't mean just well-manicured, polished nails. We mean beautiful, sculptured nails with unique designs. You can have these nails without paying through the nose for frequent salon service because you can do them yourself.  Salon Express is a nail polish kit with many different and exciting designs to create your one-of-a-kind creations. No special polish is needed. Design your nails using your own nail polish and see what fancy designs you can come up with to show off to your girl friends.

Professional nail art can be very expensive in a regular salon. To get that same design on all nails looking the same and perfectly painted on, it requires a certain skill Beautiful, manicured hands and feet need not take long nor be expensive. With Salon Express, it only takes a few minutes to get fascinating and unique nail designs to show off at every party or occasion. Your friends will instantly adore your very own creative artwork on your nails.


Every Salon Express kit includes: 1 scraper, 1 holder, and 5 plates with 40 different designs that you can use to create hundreds of nail styles. Use the large applicator for large nail designs; use the small applicator for tiny, cute nail art. Creating your personal and unique nail polish designs has never been this fun and easy. You and your family will surely have lots of fun experimenting with hundreds of new and exciting nail polish designs.

The Salon Express is your answer to having personalized, beautiful nails all the time in an inexpensive way. Be the first in your circle of friends to use Salon Express and have stylish nail polish designs accentuate your party dress and makeup in no time. It is a work of art in itself. Count on Salon Express to have fast, newly-polished nails. You can polish your nails wherever you are too. It’s that easy! Salon Express brings the salon experience right into your own home.