Royal Pedi is the hands free way to get smooth feet. Unlike other callous and rough skin removers reviews for the feet, the ease and anti-fungal nature of Royal Pedi makes having a great foot scrub a spa-like experience that can be enjoyed anytime desired.

Royal Pedi
Hands Free Exfoliating Stone

Royal Pedi is an exfoliating stone like no other.

It's larger than most others, so you get bigger surface covered in one stroke. It has a contoured design that makes so very easy to use on all parts of the feet, including the heels and the arches.

There is no longer any need to bend while holding an exfoliating stone to get rid of rough skin and callouses on your feet.

To use Royal Pedi requires less effort than all others. All you have to do is peel the backing paper, stick it, and exfoliate.

Royal Pedi has an exfoliating power which depends on how much pressure you put on it and how many times you rub the skin against it. Total control of your foot scrub without having to use your hands, ever. What a relaxing way to get smooth feet!

Royal Pedi features the total Grip Re-stickable sleeve - so you can move it easily, and it is guaranteed not to slip or slide.

Other foot spa equipment are havens for mold and mildew to thrive on because of the moist and damp enviorment. Royal Pedi is made with AeroMix technology to resist mold, mildew, and fungus growth, making it anti-fungal in nature.

A used exfoliating stone or other scrubbers tend to be an eyesore and you have to place it somewhere after using. Royal Pedi adds a decorative effect to your bathroom.

Royal Pedi is available in four different colors - pink, light blue, almond, and black. It looks great, and there is no need to put is aside after use.

Royal Pedi Reviews Offer

When you order your color choice of Royal Pedi Stone and Sleeve at the low price of $19.99 + $7.99 shipping and handling, you'll get a SECOND Royal Pedi Stone and Sleeve of your choice of color for FREE, a tube of Royal Pedi Ultra Thick Foot Moisturizer for FREE.

When you want to exfoliate your feet, have a foot scrub at home using the anti-fungal and hands free Royal Pedi.