Is your usual shaving routine taking too long? Sometimes the reason shaving takes a lot longer than it should is because your razor may no longer be performing its job. Dull blades can cause ugly nicks that cause your skin to bleed. Stubbles also arise from badly shaved skin. There have been razors that touted double, triple or quad blades to speed up shaving. But do you know that RotoShave is the world’s only nine-blade high speed wet shave razor? And with a whopping nine blades, you not only shave faster, but the results are a lot smoother, more precise and efficient.

Stick razors can do the job as well but there aren’t enough blades to give you that precise shave and they often take more time. Electric shavers work quicker than stick razors but the whirling blades can leave your skin feeling like it has razor burn and irritating bumps can sometimes appear on the shaven areas as well. With RotoShave, what you get are results from a state-of-the-art wet razor. It’s secret lies in its patented, high speed, multi-angle blade technology that comes in a curved head design. Think of this. Nine spinning blades, each angled differently so that hair sticking out in different directions still get caught and cut. Blades whirl at 30 revolutions per second or a total of 270 strokes per second! Just one pass over an area and the hair there gets shaved so closely and smoothly, you don’t need a second pass over it just to make sure no stranded hairs are left.

With your order of RotoShave comes one battery-operated RotoShave, 2 cartridges, each with nine blades (one cartridge is already installed in razor), a travel pouch, a DVD showing how to use RotoShave, and a bonus – free TrimMen grooming kit (just pay the shipping and handling).

All other razors will get left behind once you try RotoShave because with this one, your shaving experience will only take as little as 90 seconds and you get the closest shave you can get without getting nicked or suffering razor burn.

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