Roll a lotion1Placing on skin products has never been easier or nicer than using Roll A Lotion. It is a long-handled applicator for lotions, gels, oils, body scrubs or liquid soap that allows you to apply the stuff even on your back. The thick liquids will be dispensed out evenly and slowly by the 19 massaging rollers strategically placed in a circular reservoir in one end of the applicator while giving the area a gentle massage! After the thick liquids have been applied, an airtight cover is provided to ensure that whatever is left in the Roll A Lotion will not dry out.

If you have ever placed on any of these skin products by hand, you might have encountered a problem putting them on your back, behind your thighs or having to bend your body to place it on your lower legs. The Roll A Lotion will eliminate this dilemma. The unique rollers provide a massaging action which helps improve blood circulation, aids tense muscles to relax and helps the penetration of the product into the top skin layer.

roll a lotionOne of the hassles of putting on skin products is that sometimes, you might pour out more that what is needed. Roll A Lotion applicator will just dispensed a thin layer of the liquid as you move it on top of the skin and never more that what you need. Another more fantastic thing about using this applicator is that can prevent the products from getting on your hands so that you will be to be able to eat, drink, read a book or do other similar activities as after you pamper your body with your new Roll A Lotion applicator. Make yourself more beautiful all over and get to give yourself a treat by massaging the stress away with your very own Roll A Lotion.

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