Rogaine for MenOne of the first signs of aging in men is hair loss (also referred to as androgenetic alopecia or hereditary hair loss). Studies have shown that about 95% of hair loss is hereditary, which when combined with hormonal activity, result in the shrinking of hair follicles. But sometimes, hair loss also starts early especially when it is caused by a medical condition or unusual stress. If you are noticing an unusual amount of hair loss whenever you run a comb through your hair or when you shampoo, it is time to take things into your hands and arrest the condition before it becomes worse. If you want to have a fuller, thicker head of healthy hair, then get Rogaine for Men, the first and only FDA-approved hair regrowth foam formula which is also the brand highly recommended by dermatologists today.

Rogaine for Men utilizes a regenerating foam that is strong enough to stop hair loss. It has an active ingredient known as Minoxidil (discovered by scientists in the 80s to stimulate hair regrowth), which reinvigorates hair follicles that have shrunk, rejuvenates dull, thinning hair, and helps regrowth and thickening of the hair with each application. Regular application of Rogaine for Men can actually reverse the progression of hereditary hair loss. The glycerin in this foam version is more tolerable to people with sensitive skin than polypropylene-glycol found in many other hair regrowth products but if you have extra-sensitive skin, consult your dermatologist. The nice thing about this foam version is that it dries easily in a short time so even if you are in a rush, you can still use this.

With Rogaine for Men you now have a product that can reverse hair loss, eliminating the need to see a doctor or salon for expensive hair loss treatments. See hair regrowth in as little as a few months. And one more thing -- it's not just for men. It's good for women too!

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