I used to do push ups everyday as a part of my daily workout. Then I injured my wrist and it never healed correctly. Now my wrist doesn't have the flexibility that it used to have and I am no longer able to do push ups. This is a bit upsetting to me because I really liked to do them as part of my workout routine. I ended up doing different exercises that I don't like to do in order to work out those same muscle groups, but I am not seeing the same definition that I used to see when I did the push ups. One day I saw the PushUp Pro and I ordered it to see if it would help me be able to so my push ups again.

I got the PushUp Pro and used it to do a few push ups right away just to test it out and see if it really was as good as it looked on the ad. I liked using them, they were even more comfortable to do the push ups with and I could see how they would work out even more muscles then traditional push ups do. I started seriously using them the very next day and I felt like I had really worked out by the end. I had missed that feeling while I had been avoiding push ups. I was very glad to see that my wrist didn't bother me at the end of my workout, but I could really feel that my muscles had received a good

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I think that the PushUp Pro is great for anyone to use, it feels good in your hands and makes it much easier to do your push ups. The design works with the normal movements of your body, your wrists twist as you come up and go down. You will end up working out more muscles in a natural way by using this product when you are doing the pushups.

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