You need not undergo invasive, needle injections on your face just to eliminate the signs of aging like deep wrinkles, crow’s feet, fine lines, sagging and dull skin and age spots and discoloration. The production of collagen in your skin gets a boost with Pure Collagen Face Serum and one of its main ingredients, Trylagen, which actually helps restore collagen levels to those you had in your youth, bringing back to your skin that healthy and youthful look.

By the time we reach the age of 45, we would have lost about 30% of the collagen we have in our bodies. Collagen is what gives our skin that youthful look. With less and less of collagen as we age, our skin cannot hold its youthful shape and begins to sag and gain wrinkles.

Pure Collagen Face Serum makes use of Trylagen, a combination of active peptides and proteins that provide the treatment so that collagen levels in your youth are restored. Trylagen works in three ways: it boosts collagen levels; it controls collagen fibril dimensions by making their diameter and regular spacing uniform, thereby making collagen fibers more cohesive and stable so that skin stays supple; and inhibits enzymatic destruction while decreasing excessive collagen damage in aged skin. Additional ingredients in Pure Collagen Face Serum also help maintain the youthfulness of skin like Argireline, Pepha-tight, Osilift and Gatuline Expression.

Once you start using Pure Collagen Face Serum, you will realize that there is really no need to resort to Botox injections. Over time, Botox treatments can get very expensive and in addition, clinical trials with people using Botox showed that as many as 44% of the patients experienced adverse side effects such as headaches, swelling, headaches, nausea or even bruising. None of these will happen when you use the non-invasive treatment from Pure Collagen Face Serum.

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