premium ecigBeing a smoker in this day an age is no easy task – you can’t smoke in office buildings, you can’t smoke in restaurants, you can’t smoke in hotels and if you live in an apartment, you may not even be able to smoke in your own home. Read this Premium Electronic Cigarette Review, Watch the Video, and Check out Below for information on their starter kits.


The solution to your smoking problem may lie in the convenience of the Premium Electronic Cigarette. With the Premium Electronic Cigarette you get all of the satisfaction of smoking a cigarette, without any of the second hand smoke that is so frowned upon in today’s world. The Premium Electronic Cigarette will let you “smoke” legally in all of the areas that you couldn’t with regular cigarettes.

The Premium Electronic Cigarette also offers an easy, convenient and money saving way to help you kick the habit of smoking. The replacement cartridges for the Premium Electronic Cigarette are much less expensive than purchasing regular cigarettes and with the Premium electronic Cigarette you can begin to slowly and safely wean yourself off of nicotine by choosing lower strength replacement cartridges. Even heavy smokers who have a two pack a day habit can successfully save money and begin the difficult process of quitting smoking with the Premium Electronic Cigarette.

You can choose from traditional, menthol or even more exotic flavor cartridges – there is even an electronic cigar for cigar lovers to be able to enjoy their habit without offending or breaking the law. The Premium Electronic Cigarette is a great way for any smoker to save money and get on the right track to quitting smoking once and for all.

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    Premium Electronic Cigarette Megastore offers 7 different electronic cigarette kit choices and custom design and color options for your battery.
    The most popular kit is PR110 for an average smoker, this kit is ideal for your switch.
    For heavy smokers, use the PR111 kit, to make sure that you are fully equipped to make your switch from traditional cigarettes.

    Premium also has several unique kits, such as, "On-The-Go" and "Pocket kit"

    On-The-Go has a carrying case with built-in battery, designed to charge your electronic cigarette battery without connecting it to the power source. Great idea all around, you can have a protective case for your Premium E-Cig that fits in your pocket, AND the convenience of charging your battery!

    Pocket kit is the value saver kit from Premium Electronic Cigarette. It is their most inexpensive and most lightweight kit. Don't worry though, it still comes with everything that you need to make the switch from smoking regular cigarettes.

    For those of you that like to test things out before you go all in, Premium Electronic Cigarette offers you the best option, PremiumOne the 1 piece disposable electronic cigarettes. Forget about all of those free trials and there extensive terms and conditions that come with the FREE, you don't need to go through the hassle. If your not yet convinced that this is definitely what you need and you don't want to invest in a starter kit just yet. PremiumOne disposable is the way to go.