I love the diet tricks, if I see it on TV endorsed by celebrities, I'll probably end up trying it. So, I had to try out Pomegranate Clear and try out the next big superfood supplement.

I've liked pomegranates for a long time, and I love pomegranate juice. That was before I heard that it was another superfood.

I was surprised to hear that both Dr. Perricone and Rachel Ray made pomegranates their #1 super foods.

That made me quite happy, especially since soon after that I found the Pomegranate Clear supplements -- which contains 100 percent pomegranate extract. I signed up for a free trial and got my pills in a couple of weeks.

I waited until the weekend to try the supplements for the first time, some of them can be really bad, but Pomegranate Clear gave me a boost of energy that other supplements did, but without making me jittery or spacey.

Pomegranate juice is often compared to the cranberries because they have similar benefits, both lower cholesterol and are shown to reduce or help cure things like urinary tract infections.

But pomegranate extract surpasses cranberries in many ways:

  • Pomegranate extracts lower your cholesterol.
  • Pomegranate supplements can reduce fatty depots in arteries.
  • Pomegranates contain more antioxidants than cranberry juice and green tea.
  • Pomegranates contain every type of vital antioxidant.
  • Pomegranates can prevent weight gain.

The fact that pomegranates had so much and such varied antioxidants is what really sold me. All those antioxidants lead to the fruit being named the healthiest fruit of all fruits. Pomegranates have more of every type of antioxidants than any other fruit.

It's no wonder why the pomegranate has been a popular fruit since ancient Babylon, and it only took 2,000 years to make a pomegranate supplement!

Try the Pomegranate Clear Free Trial, it was great. I didn't sign up for the next month of pills, and it was no problem -- customer service was great. After all, I've got to try out the next big diet fad!

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