The pH of your organism is vital for a healthy life. Many times when you feel dizzy, tired, without energy and you add weight without doing something specifically wrong your pH is out of balance and you probably have an acidic system. That is caused by an unbalanced diet and by the poorly oxygenated water you drink, usually from the kitchen tap. In many cases, water doesn't have the standard pH of 7.0 and can have more hydrogen ions than hydroxide ions, which means that the water is acidic and can harm your system.

On the other side, if you have more hydroxide ions in your water, then the water is alkaline and can have a very good effect on your health. pHion pH Booster, with its 72 ionic minerals, will boost your water to an impressive 9.5 pH, which means that your water will be 500 times more alkaline that the standard 7.0 . Alkaline water has much more oxygen than normal water and thus your cells will be better suited to normally transform food into energy, this being an essential part of our lives. Also, quality water has many ionic minerals that fuel most of your functions because they have an electric charge and all the things your body does are based on electric impulses. pHion pH Booster is an odorless and tasteless supplement that you add in every glass of water you drink and which has an incredible positive effect on your system, granting you more energy and strengthening all the major functions of your organism.

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