Keep your feet healthy and clean without the hassle of bending down by using PediBrush, an extra long footbrush that allows you to wash your feet while standing up or while lying in comfort in your bath tub. Reach the soles of your feet and clean them all around thoroughly without running the risk of slipping while in an upright position. Bathing is also that much more comfortable in the bath tub.

Washing your feet can be tedious especially since you have to reach downwards to scrub. It is most especially hard to get in between your toes and also to scrub the bottom of your feet. However, with PediBrush's extra long footbrush, you’ll have an easier time bathing since you can scrub your feet effortlessly. Those with back problems or who have vertigo when bending will appreciate PediBrush. In fact, even pregnant women, elderly folks and those with limited mobility will appreciate this very much.

PediBrush is a 30-inch long brush you can easily use either in the shower or in the bathtub. It is just like a toothbrush for your feet — complete with AngluFlex™ Bristles that help you get in between your toes, beneath your feet and along the arches. You can now keep your feet healthy and clean without the previous struggles while washing them. It helps you carefully clean your toes to prevent foot odor and fungi and keeps your feet feeling fresh all the time.

The bristles on both sides of the PediBrush are great for deep cleansing and exfoliation of both the top and the bottom of your feet. These are also soft and smooth so that your skin won’t redden even from more vigorous scrubbing. Using PediBrush is just like giving yourself a foot spa at home as you shower or bathe.

PediBrush is available in two colors -- blue and pink -- and is easy and fun to use. With your order, you get a free bottle of liquid soap as well as an easy-hang shower hook so you can conveniently put away your PediBrush to dry after your bath.

When you've got PediBrush, you not only can clean your feet comfortably while in a bath tub but it also affords you safety as you can reach to clean your feet without having to bend down while standing in a shower. Get this for every member of your family. Gift friends with the PediBrush and let them also experience what it's like to bathe with a handy PediBrush.

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