I wear sandals a lot during the summer months and it takes a toll on the condition of my feet. By the end of the season my feet are so dry and calloused that they feel very uncomfortable. I apply lotion on them and I have used all of the scrubbers and scrapers that are for sale on the market. None of them seem to help very much. I always try to wear sandals that have backs to them so that other people won't see my dry and calloused feet. What I really want to wear are flip flops, but not with my feet being in the condition that they are.

One day I happened to see an advertisement online for a product called the Pedi Pistol. It looked similar to a dremmel, but it was designed to help with your feet. It claimed to scrub off the dead skin and callouses, it also could also be used to buff, shine, and file down your toe nails. It was inexpensive and the advertisement looked promising. I decided to give it a try and see if it really worked.

Watch the Pedi Pistol Commercial video

When I received my Pedi Pistol I took it out of the box and went through the instructions. It seemed very simple to use and the Pedi Pistol itself had a simple design which was very easy to figure out. It came with five different bits that allowed you to use it for different areas. I am very happy to report that it worked on my feet just as well as it did on the advertisement. It is gentle enough on my feet so that it doesn't burn or irritate my feet, yet it gets rid of the skin and callouses. If you have a problem with your feet being dry then I would suggest that you give it a try. It also worked great on my toenails.

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