Pedi-BeanI hate how my feet get, they get calloused and dry. They look horrible and they feel even worse. I get embarrassed about the condition of my feet and I don't want anyone else to see them, not even my husband. I always wear socks around the house. I have to buy socks much more often than the average person does just because I wear them day in and day out as a way of hiding my feet. I used to have the softest feet and my husband loved to massage them. I am not exactly sure when it happened, but somewhere along the line my feet changed and now I am ashamed of them. One day I was given the Pedi Bean from my mom, she knows how embarrassed I am of them and wanted to help.

When she first gave it to me I thanked her and I put it up in my bathroom. I didn't begin to use to right away because I have tried so many different items, creams, and lotions that have promised amazing results and never delivered on their promise. I figures that this was just one more thing that would make false promises and not give me the results that I was looking for, it wasn't worth wasting my time and having false hopes. But, my mom kept asking me if I had tried it yet and how I liked it. I finally decided to give it a try simply so I could be honest with her. Once I used the Pedi Bean I was a little mad with myself that I hadn't used it sooner.

The Pedi Bean is the most amazing thing. I am very happy with it, I can't explain to anyone how awful it is to be so embarrassed of a part of your body and how overwhelming it is when you get it taken care of and can feel proud again. I used to love walking around barefoot, and now I can do it again. I wear sandals and I also get foot massages from my husband again. I think that anyone that is embarrassed of their feet should get themselves a Pedi Bean.

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