Don’t worry about dry, chapped or cracked heels that catch ladies’ stockings, causing ugly snags or make men’s soles look really dry and ugly. The Ped Egg is a revolutionary foot file that was ergonomically designed like a computer mouse so it’s comfortable to hold in the hand and effectively files away at all that dead, dry skin, smoothening it out to give your feet that soft to the touch, baby look. It’s also an innovative way to file away the dead skin without causing a mess on the floor.

The Ped Egg, when laid on a table, looks almost like your regular computer mouse. Even if left on a dresser table or even in the living room, its eggshell-white color blends with almost any color scheme in the room. The underside of the Ped Egg is where its secret lies. The Ped Egg has over 135 precision-engineered stainless steel micro files. Rub the Ped Egg across your heel and immediately, its micro files work to gently remove the dead skin in the area and work to smoothen calluses out. Other foot files also have metallic micro files but they are sharp and painful to the touch. The Ped Egg, even when rubbed against a blown-up balloon, is so gentle, the balloon won’t even pop!

The concave underside of the Ped Egg also serves a very useful purpose. It collects all the shavings from your feet and catches it in its bottom half. After using, take apart the Ped Egg and throw the shavings into the trash bin. No shavings fall on the floor giving you extra work as you still have to sweep up after.

If before, you dared not step out in slinky, sexy sandals or slingback shoes, you can now do so because your heels will look so smooth, silky and young-looking. And nothing will snag on ladies’ stockings anymore because Ped Egg’s going to smoothen out all those rough spots.

Order now to avail of the Buy One, Get 1 Free offer. For the price of one Ped Egg plus additional shipping and handling, you can get 2 Ped Eggs, 2 polishing emery pads and a bonus Miracle Foot Repair Cream.

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