This Pearl Hair Remover review has THE hair removal system that works down to the roots. Painless, it's the high-tech way to rid of the unwanted hair and makes it take a long time to grow back.

Pearl Hair Remover is the shaver that makes the difference. It glides over the skin and prevents razor burns from occurring. It's handy and safe to use, and unlike waxes and hair removal creams, has no sticky mess. It's like clinical hair removal that uses a new kind of technology.

The Pearl Hair Remover looks like an white electric razor. This is rechargeable and portable. The edge that is placed against the skin to remove hair with a stroke has thermotransmitters that radiate micro heat wave down into the hair follicle. With a built-in bi-directional optical sensor, the hair removal is done in 2 directions, so hair removal strokes may be done going upwards or downwards.

Since the heat goes down to the roots, one gets a non-irritating smoother shave, retards the hair regrowth, and makes the hair that re-grows thinner.

The process of crystallizing the hair with the heat is highly effective and makes hair removal easy. And, the Pearl Hair Remover has the solutions to get smoother skin after hair removal.

The Pearl Hair Remover comes in a kit which includes:

- Pearl Hair Remover unit
- Maxi Guide attachment for the arms and legs
- Micro Guide attachment for the sensitive areas like face, underarm, and bikini line
- 8 buffer pads (4 large and 4 small) for buffing area after
- 1 Bottle Soothing Serum to deeply moisturize the skin

When in need of hair removal and no longer want to shave an area daily, use hot or cold wax, depilatory creams, and prefer not to spend a lot of money on laser treatments, the newest way to get rid of unwanted hair is to use Pearl Hair Remover.