Pampered-ToesI stand on my feet all day long at work which causes me to have very sore feet and toes when I get home from work every night. I used to try to soak my feet each night but it was a whole lot of preparation for a little amount of relief. My husband tried to give me foot massages at night but he can't do this every single night. I have always wished that I could take the pain in my feet away. Many times I have thought about getting a new job just so that I wouldn't have to stand all day in tight and cramped shoes. However, I like every other aspect of my job and changing careers just isn't feasible for me. One day I purchased Pampered Toes to see if they could work on helping my cramped toes feel better.

The thing that I liked right away about Pampered Toes is that it gently spreads your toes apart and holds them all in a comfortable position so that they instantly feel more relaxed and comfortable. I also like that I can get warm relaxing therapy when I choose to, or I can go for cold when I feel like that is what I need to help my toes to feel better. Pampered Toes is the thing that I look forward to during my drive home from work now. I can't wait to place them on my feet and get that instant relief after a long hard day at work of standing on my feet in cramped shoes.

Since I have been using Pampered Toes I have been feeling much better, I don't cringe at the thought of going into work anymore and I feel better when I wake up in the morning. Since my toes don't feel painful and cramped in the morning I am able to begin my day much faster and in a better mood. Pampered Toes has really helped my toes to feel better.

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