How many times has it happened to you? You’ve just had your beautiful nails done up at the salon and you thought they were already dry. Then when you took your keys out of your purse, answered your mobile phone, or started up your car, you nicked and spoiled the polish because your nails were not dry enough? When you’ve got Nails in Motion, you need not linger longer at the salon waiting for perfectly hardened nail polish. Nails in Motion Tip Tops is the perfect nail protector that keeps you on the go even while your nails are waiting for the polish to dry.

One of the greatest time wasters at the salon is waiting for nails to dry. Don’t you just hate it when you just sit there, not being able to answer your mobile phone, check your email, brush your hair, reach out for your wallet to pay the salon, or even read a magazine without running the risk of smears and nicks to your newly painted nails? With the nail protectors from Nails in Motion, say goodbye to time wasters. Now, you need not wait a minute longer after your manicure and/or pedicure.

Nails in Motion Tip Tops nail protectors are so easy to use. Slip them on before your manicure/pedicure with the cover sides down. Push down the clasps to lock them in place and proceed having your nails painted. After your nails are done, simply rotate the covers over your nails. Do away with constantly blowing nails to speed up drying. You can get money from your purse to pay the salon, put on your jacket, rummage through your bag for your car keys, open doors and not be afraid to ruin your beautifully manicured nails.

With your order of Nails in Motion, you get 10 nail protectors for your hands and feet. As a bonus, you also get free pedicure sandals so you can walk around without fear of chipping the polish on your feet. And, you also get a carryall case for your sandals and nail protectors.

Not only will Nails in Motion protect your nails till they completely dry but it will protect your time as well. You can be on the go as soon as your nails are painted. That’s productivity for you!