My Solemate review

News: My Solemate was tested by Becky Worley in Infomercial Products: Which Ones Work? She gave the My Solemate product an A- rating. My Solemate, a foot softening treatment, combines the soap and the pumice stone for easy of use to pamper your peds. Find out more about this A- product by reading this My Solemate review.

Our feet are subjected to a lot of abuse daily as we stand on them for hours, walk, and do other similar activities. They get dirty, have rough skin, or thickened skin. To get rid of these problems and make the feet become clean, soft, and more beautiful in 14 days. This My Solemate review offers you the unique and inexpensive solution having a home foot spa treatment to soften your feet.

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Treat your feet with the softening soap of My Solemate. There are two different kinds of My Solemate soap, the reviving Lemon Grass and softening Silk Blossom. These soap bars are on one side while the other side has the special My Solemate pumice stone.

Pumice stones are one of the most gentle ways to remove tough skin from feet. With My Solemate, as you bathe or have a foot soak, use the soap, flip it over, and scrub away the dirt while removing the tough skin.

After regular My Solemate treatment, you feet will be smooth and soft.

The last part of the My Solemate foot softening treatment is to place lotion on your peds. After rinsing away the soap, carefully dry your feet and apply the lotion. Repeat your My Solemate home spa procedure and you will have much nicer feet.

When you order from this My Solemate review, for the low price of $9.99 + s&h, you will get 1 Lemongrass My Solemate and 1 free Peppermint Foot Lotion. If you wish to avail of the free Silk Blossom My Solemate, there is a small additional $6.95 s&h fee.

My Solemate review - before and after picturesGet to smooth and softer feet every time you bathe or have your relaxing home foot spa by pampering it with My Solemate.