My ScentWhen you step out of your home, you normally would want to have your makeup with you so you could touch up all throughout the day. Lipstick and mascara are easy to bring along and maybe so is your compact powder. But what do you do when you also want to have handy your favorite perfume scent and yet, you can't because it comes in a large bottle? Or if you do bring your perfume bottle along, you run the risk of it spilling inside your purse? The solution lies with My Scent - a handy atomizer that easily holds your favorite perfume so you can spray it on any time and as often as you want, all day.

The My Scent atomizer is so small, it is just about the size of your lipstick. It can easily be slipped into any size of purse, even inside an evening bag. Slip it into the front pocket of your jeans and no one would even notice it. My Scent is so easy to refill. You can do it in two ways. One, use the spray pump in your large perfume bottle and pump directly into the atomizer. Two, pour the liquid from the perfume bottle into the atomizer's chamber. My Scent can hold enough perfume to give you up to 50 sprays. That is a lot of perfume in such a small container! It even has a clear window so you will immediately know when it is time to refill. My Scent's size meets all airline and TSA regulations for carry-ons so just pop it inside your toiletry kit without any worries. My Scent is so handy, you'll want one in your regular purse, inside your car, or even in your gym bag so you can freshen up right after your workout.

My Scent comes in three colors: Basic Black, Sexy Silver or Pretty Pink. Even the man in the house can carry his favorite men's perfume in a My Scent atomizer. It's also a handy and practical thing to give as a gift to your favorite friends and family members. Even your teenagers will love it.

Step out of your home confident that any time need to, you can just reach for My Scent and freshen up discreetly. It's so tiny and handy, only you will know it's there.

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