What stop snoring device works instantly?

Tongue exercises to stop snoring? How about holding your tongue while you sleep? Doctor recommended, MPowRX is a highly effective snoring solution.

Created by a dentist and a sleep researcher, the MPowRX is a non-intrusive oral stop snoring device.

Place it in between the lips and the teeth to gently pull the tongue forward to make sure that there is an open air passage at the back of the throat. The air way created by this '''stop snoring device shall reduce or eliminate snoring, improve breathing, and lessen the risk of sleep apnea.

Aside from the stopping the snoring, there are certain health concerns that this device addresses.

People who snore don't wake up because they hear themselves. Yet, even if that is the case, the lack of quality sleep is one of the harmful effects of snoring.

This statement is based on the 3 standard industry measures of snoring. This stop snoring device was evaluated with the use of the Respiratory Disturbance Index, Snoring Index, and Epworth Sleepiness Scale. The results of these clinical studies showed a significant reduction for the first and second measure. A high percentage of the subjects stated that it improved their daytime sleepiness.

Respiratory disturbance is a concern. The body needs sleep to rest. Since the relaxed breathing of slumber is hindered by the snoring - the maximum potential that may be obtained by sleeping is not attained. If snorer uses this simple stop snoring device, they will wake up more refreshed and revitalized.

Tongue exercise have to be done for a certain period of time before any significant results are attained. Holding the tongue is the quick and easy way to do it. It may seem ridiculous but try to have someone hold the tongue of a person who is snoring.

This action will stop the snoring as the tongue and the back of the throat will no longer vibrate. Of course, the person has to hold a slippery tongue with a steady hand for the entire time the snorer is sleeping, which is not an easy feat - plus something no one wants to do!


The MPowRX holds the tongue to stop it from vibrating.

If you snore, instead of doing tongue exercises, or having to make someone who wants you to stop snoring to hold your tongue, try the MPowRX stop snoring device risk free for 60 days.