I have a problem with my feet stinking and I also have a problem with toe fungus. It makes my toe nails brittle. They crack, chip, and sometimes itch. I am embarrassed to wear sandals because of the condition of my toes. I really wanted to be able to wear sandals, I also wanted my toe nails to be in better shape because I don't like the fact that they aren't healthy and that I do have to worry about the embarrassment of having someone see them. I wouldn't even go for pedicures because the woman would see my feet and the condition that my toes were in. I have tries different things that people recommended to me that was supposed to help, but I was never able to find anything which really worked.

I decided to go ahead and try one more thing before I gave up completely and accepted the condition of my toes as a part of my life. I tried something called ? Miracle Toes?. It is an anti-fungal lotion. I figured it probably wouldn't work, but I tried it because they offered a money back guarantee if I wasn't happy, so there was really no risk involved.

Now my feet look and feel great. I just went out and purchased new sandals. I really enjoy being able to wear sandals again, it's been about two years since I have been able to wear them in public without worrying about people seeing my toes. Needless to say, I was happy with Miracle Toes and definitely kept the product. I have even told a couple of friends about Miracle Toes that I know also suffer from the same type of problem. If I hadn't found it then I would still be walking around in regular shoes and wishing that I could wear a nice pair of sandals.

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