Miracle Heel StickDo you suffer from cracked skin in the heel areas? The weather, excessive walking or one's natural skin type could cause the dry, cracked look of our heels.  It can be embarrassing to step out in open-heeled shoes, wedges or sandals with ugly and dry cracked heels showing. Body lotion can work temporarily and only on the topmost layer of skin but eventually, the cracks show through again. If you are not careful with the broken and dried skin, bacteria and fungi could get under the skin and start breeding, leading to foot odor. If you have this problem, turn to Miracle Heel Stick and see your heels restored to its soft, supple, smooth look.

Miracle Heel Stick is made of natural ingredients and essential oils -- aloe and a proprietary blend of safflower and tea tree oil., lavender oil and shea butter. Aloe vera possesses healing and curative qualities. Safflower nourishes, rejuvenates and moisturizes; it is good for all skin types as it helps retain moisture in the skin. Tea tree oil protects against three types of organisms: bacteria, fungi and viruses. Lavender oil has a relaxing effect, relieves pain, disinfects, enhances blood circulation and more. Its aroma leaves your feet smelling good for a long time. Lastly, shea butter helps soften the skin. These oils have been used for centuries because of their healing quality that penetrates deep into the layers of skin to work underneath and restore your skin to that smooth, silky condition. As you apply Miracle Heel Stick on your heels you will feel as though a hard sponge had just been soaked in water. Over the next few days you will notice the heels soften. Gone will be the sandpaper-like skin. Then slowly new skin will appear feeling all smooth and silky. Miracle Heel Stick is so safe, you can apply it several times a day with no side effects.

Get back the softness of heels that you used to have and step out in confidence in open-heeled shoes.  For a limited time you can get two Miracle Heel Sticks plus a 3-pc EZ Hold Set.

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