Diamond peels are no longer the exclusive territory of dermatologists. With a home microdermabrasion device like MicrodermMD by Trophy Skin, you can have the same diamond peel treatment at home, giving you the same effects at a much lower cost.  It’s safe to use and administer yourself since it is an FDA-approved device.

The MicrodermMD is a revolutionary in-home skincare treatment. Simply washing with soap and water or with skin cleansing products is not enough to bring out the glow of your skin. Many times, dead skin cells still remain on the surface of your skin. This makes skin look dull and aged. Microdermabrasion is needed to remove those dead layers of skin. But exfoliating cleansers may loosen these but they may not be totally removed from the top layer of your skin.

Here’s when MicrodermMD goes to work. It has a diamond tipped exfoliating wand. As the wand touches your skin, the rough edges of the diamonds gently peel off the outer layers of the dermis, exposing the new skin below. That’s only the first step. Next, MicrodermMD uses its vacuum suction power to gently suck those dead skin cells from your face. In addition, as that vacuum suctioning effect travels all over your face, it stimulates the flow of blood and speeds up skin renewal.

Use MicrodermMD regularly and you will be amazed at how much younger looking, glowing and smooth your skin is. Fine lines and wrinkles will be diminished, as well as age spots and blemishes. Enlarged pores will look smaller. Your skin tone that used to be blotchy can look more even-toned. Even acne scars may not be that visible anymore. To top it all, you need not do this at the dermatologist’s office but in the comfort of your home. Your home care kit comes with a diamond-tipped wand, 100 wool filters, wipes, a tip-cleaning brush, and an instructional manual.

Begin your skincare treatment with MicrodermMD now and bring that beautiful, young-looking skin out.

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