Place the best man forward with Menaji concealer and skin care products like the anti-aging eraser. Developed by Michele Probst, a beauty expert and professional makeup artist with team of dermatologist and chemists, this brand has the skin care solutions that delivers results.

Mens skin care is a necessity. It is important to have excellent skin care not just for treatment of problems like acne but to also have the ones that make the skin glowingly healthy. Menaji has the skin care products for all skin types and these are made with natural extracts to bring on the healing, balance, and protection. The Face & Body Scrub cleanses and hydrates the way that no soap bar can. As we know, men have larger pores than women and the sebaceous glands are more active. The trapped dirt gets removed while the skin is hydrated giving a revitalizing total clean as this Menaji scrub has the addition of vital skin vitamins and nutrients.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Mens skin care problems are that can be treated with Menaji products include acne, chapped lips, dark eye circles, dry/dull/molted skin, eyelid pigmentation, redness, staph infections, tinea vesicolor, winter skin, sunburn, wrinkles, warts, and razor burns. These skin care problems are treated more effectively and the results are seen fast as the issues are address to bring back healthy, youthful skin.

The other Menaji products serve to reverse the signs of aging such as the 911 Eye Gel and the Anti-aging Eraser, cover flaws which is the undetectable CAMO concealer, remove the oily shine with a non-noticeable powder, and have an instant sunless tan.

Easy to use, a no-fuss skin care regime can make any man place his best forward from day to night without the need of going to a dermatologist clinic when he uses the exclusive line of Menaji mens skin care products.

Put Your Best Face Forward