medscopeLiving alone has plenty of privileges, but the older you get the more dangerous it can be. Many seniors are prone to slips and falls that can result in serious injury if they don’t get the help that they need quickly. Elderly people who have limited mobility, who live in multi story homes or who have vision or balance problems are at an even greater risk of injury if they can’t reach the phone once a fall has occurred.

MedScope provides the ultimate safety and security for anyone who lives alone; the ultra convenient and easy to use alert button can be worn around the wrist or the neck so it’s always within reach when you need it. A simple push of a button immediately puts you in contact with trained operators who are capable of communicating with you to find out what type of assistance you need.

The operators have complete access to your complete profile and are aware of any pre-existing conditions to be able to impart as much information as possible to emergency personnel prior to dispatch. If you’re to far away from the communication monitor or if you, for one reason or another, are incapable of answering, the operators will still dispatch someone to your home so you are sure to get the assistance that you need as quickly as possible.

Quick response in the event of an emergency can often make the difference between a complete recovery and possibly even death and there is no way to open up a faster line of communication directly with a trained operator than with the MedScope system.

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