Medical Guardian

A medical alert system that can be worn and has a 2-way radio is the Medical Guardian is invaluable during emergencies when every moment counts.

People with health concerns like the ones with heart problems and many of the elderly can greatly benefit from owning a medical alert system. A couple of examples of such situations include having a heart attack and slipping and falling. The cell phone might not be on hand and there might be no one around. Emergency situations happen anywhere like in the bathroom, garden, while riding a vehicle, or while out. When these situations arises - what it the person's means of communication? They might not be able to call 911.

Medical Guardian alert system is a small pendant. It may be worn like a necklace, as a belt attachment, or placed around the wrist. It is waterproof. It has a two way radio that is activated when the button is pushed. The support is 24/7 so that anytime the person need help, be it the middle of the night or a holiday, there will be someone they can contact.

Medical Guardian alert system isn't just for medical emergencies. One may use it to contact for help when there are other situations such as burglaries or fire.

Medical Guardian alert system keeps on record the medical details of the person who will be using it like if they are allergic to certain medication.

When a person who needs someone there for them wears Medical Guardian, there is peace of mind. The knowledge that they can contact help when they need it is important and the help will arrive fast.  Every second counts when there is an emergency and it is a practical decision to make as we can't always be there for the people that we care for and may do live independently.  And, even if we are there, the emergency may occur in the bedroom when it is the middle of the night or in the bathroom.

It's best to be prepared for emergency situations, right?