I have always had the curliest and most hard to manage hair that I have seen on anyone. I have tried straightening products, as well as straightening irons. Nothing until the MaxiGlide has worked on my hair.

MaxiGlide Even the ones that my friends have recommended to me and told me that work well on them wouldn't work on me. I gave up on managing my hair and began just putting it back in a pony tail. One day another friend of mine told me about the MaxiGlide and said that it would definitely work. I didn't take her advice on getting it because I figured it would end up in the bottom of a drawer in my bathroom like all of the others that didn't work.

Then one day I saw an advertisement for the MaxiGlide so I decided to just go over to my friends house and try hers out before I wasted any more money on something that wouldn't even work on my hair. Imagine my surprise when it really worked. Finally, after years of looking for something that would straighten my hard to manage hair, I found the perfect thing. Once I saw how good her MaxiGlide had worked on my hair I had to get one.

Since I received my MaxiGlide I have loved my hair each and every day. It is so different. I feel like I have a lot more confidence now that I like my hair. I went from having ,my hair in a pony tail every day to loving my hair down and not enjoying the look and feel of it every day. If you have a problem straightening your hair then you will really want to try the MaxiGlide, you will be glad that you did, I know that I am very glad I tried it.

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