Mani-Pedi review

Mani-Pedi fingernails protectors prevents the newly-applied fingernail polish from being destroyed. With every set, you get FREE Pretty Ped Sandals to use to protect your newly polished toenails. Only Mani-Pedi can protect your newly polished fingernails. Discover the way to have your manicure dry properly and keep on going about your normal activities with this Mani-Pedi review.

When you have a manicure, whether you go to the beauty parlor or do them yourself, it takes long to dry. There are a number of things that you can do to make them dry faster like placing clear nail liquid for quick dry or with use a nail dryer. Every woman that has ever had a manicure nails knows that these do help, but the best way to not get the nail polished damaged is to sit immobilized in the chair.

Short of strapping down your hands to the arm rest during the drying time and avoiding using your hands for the next few hours, there was no way to protect your new nail polish until now. You can do it now with the inexpensive solution of this Mani-Pedi review.

This new nail protectors are especially needed when you have nail art done. Mani-Pedi saves your new nail polish and any design to ensure that you have perfect nails that will last longer.

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The secret to long-lasting nail polish is drying time. If you get to dry the nail polish well between coats and after they are applied, your perfect manicure will last your for up to two weeks or more, even if you do house chores. Mani-Pedi allows your nails to dry and you don't have to wait for them to do so before using your hands.

Nail polish gets ruined upon application especially during the first 15 minutes after they are all done. Just a movement of your hand will make the wet nail polish get marred. When this happens, you have to redo the whole nail! Taking out the damaged polish is impossible to do by yourself as the nail polish remover and cotton can't be held with your other fingers. Someone else has to remove it and reapply the polish. Then, you have to wait longer for that nail to dry before moving. This won't happen when you use Mani-Pedi.

Mani-Pedi prevents polish from bubbling. Nail polish bubbles when it gets hit during drying time by a strong wind like that from an electric fan. That's why you can't polish your nails in a windy area. With Mani-Pedi, you can lessen the occurrence of these ugly nail polish bubbles as you go moving about.

Mani-Pedi can be placed on easily. Just before doing your nails, put them on each finger with the protector facing down so you are ready. Turn it to put the Mani-Pedi clear protector over your nails. With this Mani-Pedi review, you can protect your nails in just a few minutes!

When you order the manicure protection set from this Mani-Pedi review, you get to a FREE pair of sandals to protect your pedicure too! All of these plus a carrying case can be yours for $19.99 plus s&h.

Never again have ruined nail polish or nail art! Get to dry your nails for a longer period of time so the polish last longer. Prevent unsightly nail polish bubbles. Get to move about and use your hands when you are wearing the Mani-Pedi and your new Pretty Ped sandals. Protect your new nail polish with Mani-Pedi.

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Mani-Pedi reviews