Teeth whitening is no longer something done only at the dentist’s clinic. With Malibu Bright - Teeth Whitening, you get a home kit that you can use any time, anywhere. Just apply Malibu Bright - Teeth Whitening for about two minutes on the teeth that are discolored and you will be amazed at how your teeth quickly transform and become shiny white in no time. Confidently step out of your home knowing you can flash a white smile any time.

Many other whitening products use an approach called teeth bleaching (or peroxide treatment). While it does whiten teeth, the results are only temporary and the bleaching process often causes pain and some irritation. In addition, since bleaching does not lift stains, your teeth start becoming stained again once you start drinking coffee, tea or wine. Bleaching teeth regularly can also be damaging in the long run. Cheap bleaching methods can lead to dry, brittle and damaged teeth over time and maintaining them would need expensive trips to the dentist.

Dr. Alexander Ash, a cosmetic and esthetic dentist, developed Malibu Bright - Teeth Whitening as an alternative to bleaching teeth, a common approach to many teeth whitening products. Dr. Ash believes that white teeth should be a permanent feature and not something that needs to be bleached every so often. Using Poly(P), a clinically proven active ingredient, he developed Malibu Bright - Teeth Whitening which continues to clean deeply, lift tooth stains, and keep teeth healthy while being gentle on teeth.


When you order the Malibu Bright - Teeth Whitening home kit, you get the following:

  • Poly(P) Ultra Brightening Gel – deeply cleans, polishes and brightens teeth without the need for bleaching
  • Poly(P) Deep Protection Oral Rinse – used after brushing, this serves as a protective coating over your teeth to prevent it from staining when you eat stain-causing substances
  • Poly(P) Stain Lifting Spray – comes in a portable and convenient spray that easily fits in your bag. You can whiten your teeth anywhere by instantly lifting the stains caused by food you are eating. Just spray it over your teeth and see the whitening effect.

Enjoy the convenience of a do-it-yourself teeth whitening kit when you’ve got Malibu Bright - Teeth Whitening to do the job. Never have to worry about staining teeth with food you consume because even away from home, you have a Malibu Bright - Teeth Whitening product that you can immediately use.

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