I was tired of being embarrassed to smile. One look at my grill and you would understand why I would want to whiten my teeth.

My teeth are stained because I am a big coffee drinker and light smoker. So I thought it wouldn't hurt to sign up for a free trial of Luminous Brites.

Luminous Brites is a peroxide based gel and tray teeth whitening system. This is not my first time using these kind of products so I am somewhat familiar with what to expect.

The free teeth whitening trial kit cost me only $4.99 shipping and the whitening kit came in just a few days.

The teeth whitening kit included the Luminous Brites gel and tray application, Crest Toothbrush, Crest Toothpaste, and Crest Glide Dental Floss.

Using the Luminous Brites kit for 14 days did whiten my teeth 4, maybe 5 shades whiter. Not bad I must say for a free trial that will only cost you $4.99.

Who doesn't want a brighter smile and whiter teeth? Get more information about the Luminous Brites Free Trial teeth whitening system.

This product is being discontinued, go here for the best free teeth whitener trial.