Achieving a nice, healthy bronze glow can be difficult for some people – even if they spend plenty of time in the natural sunlight. Fair skinned people can easily become sunburned, get blotchy skin or begin to peel which can be even less attractive than having no tan at all.  In addition to the troubles you may face with your appearance from attempting to tan naturally, too much time in the sun can pose a health risk as well.

Thankfully, you can get a nice, even, safe and healthy looking tan in no time at all with the Luminess Tan system.  Luminess Tan is a complete, easy to use airbrush tanning system that delivers professional quality results that last up to fourteen days.  One quick and easy application of Luminess Tan will give you a healthy golden brown glow that won’t fade for up to a full two weeks, regardless of the amount of exposure you get from natural sunlight.

The Luminess Tan system is completely safe and uses an FDA approved formula that will both instantly add an even shade of the desired color to your skin and help to physically darken your skin for lasting results.  With Luminess Tan you’ll get results that are just as good, if not better, than what you’d see from a professional tanning salon and you’ll be paying a fraction of the price.

Luminess Tan is one of the most convenient, most affordable and safest ways to get the gorgeous skin color that you’ve always wanted without any of the headaches that are associated with other forms of tanning.  If you want to look better and healthier, without having to worry about paying tons of money or doing unnecessary damage to your skin, you need to give the amazing Luminess Tan system a try.

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