Luminess-Air-Brush-Make-UpI have very white skin and it is really difficult for me to obtain a tan look. I would have to be out in the sun much longer than I feel comfortable with in order to get a nice tan. I have always been a little jealous of those women that can go out in the sun for an hour or so and walk away with a beautiful tan. That's why I became so intrigued when I heard about a product called the Luminess Air beauty system. I only heard about it in passing but it sparked my interest so much that I went right home and looked it up.

The Luminess Air is something that anyone can afford and keep in their home to use themselves. It allows you to be able to apply a nice foundation or bronzer to your face, neck, and chest. This way you will appear as if you have a nice tan. If you want to go for a tan all over look, then you can use the Luminess Air Pro, it covers more area than the Luminess Air Beauty. However, if you are more interested in focusing on your face, you will love the Luminess Air Beauty, it is also a great way to apply your makeup. You can get that beautiful air brushed makeup look by yourself.

Since I received my Luminess Air Beauty system I have seen amazing results. I was surprised by just how simple it was to use. I just watched the DVD and I was informed how to use it in the correct manner. I was very pleased with the results after just using it for the first time. I have expected there to be a lot of trial and error, but there wasn't any. I would recommend this product to anyone.

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