The Liv Self Breast Exam detection device makes it easy for you to conduct your own breast exam and do so efficiently. In between medical examinations, those in the medical profession advise that a woman checks her breasts regularly for lumps as the earlier breast cancer can be detected, the better the chances are of getting cured. Read the Liv Self Breast Exam review to learn more about this detection device.

A recent estimated report from the American Cancer Society stated that 39,840 women died of breast cancer in 2010. Around 54,010 new cases of carcinoma in situ, CIS, which is the earliest form of breast cancer, was detected. Early detection is necessary and Liv Self Breast Exam can help you accomplish this.

When did you last have a breast exam? Do you regularly go and have yourself tested? This is important as it can save you from allowing the breast cancer to develop. Do you know how to conduct a proper self breast exam? With the Liv Self Breast Exam you can.

The Liv Self Breast Exam is a complete kit. It has a pink heart-shaped detection device and an instructional DVD. When you have the detection device, you will be able to heighten the sensitivity of your fingers as you are conducting the test. The smooth surface will enable your fingers to glide over the area. The Liv Self Breast Exam detection device is simply placed on top of the breast. Reusable, it can be used by women no matter how large their breasts are.

Today, with this Liv Self Breast Exam review, you can obtain two of these detection device kits at an introductory price of only $20. This is a excellent offer as you can get one for you and your daughter, for any other female relative, or friend that you have. Use Liv Self Breast Exam to help you detect breast cancer while it is still in the early stages.

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